Vital Narrative Press was founded by Gregory Hedgepeth in an effort to permanently alter the literary landscape for writers of color and help them build a platform to share their work. 

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Our Story

In 2014, Hedgepeth lost his job and started looking for a new direction to follow. And after spending years sleeping on his grandmother's couch, he knew he needed to make a change. As a writer, he recognized the importance of allowing authentic voices an opportunity to share their stories and decided to follow through on a dream he'd had in mind for years: starting a publishing company.

After self-publishing a few books, he continued to learn the business and reach out to authors, looking to work together on creating a completely new business model where publisher and author both earn an equal royalty instead of the industry standard where authors earn as little as 8% of the list price.

Years later, Vital Narrative has released ten books and is thriving with fifteen authors on the roster.

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Our Mission

In the new era of independent publishing, we plan to innovate the way our characters, storylines and settings are presented by elevating our narratives and allowing the genre to evolve past the current status quo. 

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