"Figment" Proves T.J. Love Has A Way With Words


She is the vaccination
Required reading for
Science-fiction fascination

She is a figment of my imagination

Living in her pigment
Is living proof that we can survive anything
If magic made it
Because she is prestidigitation

She is a breath of fresh living wages
She is an antique library with sticking pages
And I sit encapsulated
In the worlds her words have created

She is the free activation
The free nighttime minutes
I don't have to wait till after 8
No longer afraid of past mistakes
I consulted with God to see
What He had to say
He said "Homie, she's the real deal
No fabrication
When I made her, 
I threw the batch away
Because she was so immaculate
Even I had to step back and be like
'Damn I'm great'"

And after that, we sat our craft beers down
Of course I had to pay
I thanked Him immensely
As He took the cab away

She is the magistrate
Every night a mattress slain

Don't mind me y'all

But she's my technicolor future
When the past was gray
I had to starve my fears
They start their fast today

She is my skeleton twin
Our melanin wins the master race
I mean, shit was a light jog
What more do I have to say?