Garvey Hemisphere Discusses The Final Installment Of The Dirty Dozen


Q: Why did it take so long to drop Volume 3?

I entered a relationship back in 2014, and as you can probably imagine, this can be sensitive subject matter. She never made it seem like it was a problem, but obviously I wanted to make sure that I considered her feelings. Her friends read the series and I obviously didn't want to make things strange between us. But she's been a great sport and understands the artistry involved. Besides that, I've been hard at work on other endeavors and trying to focus on one project at a time. Unfortunately, it caused Volume 3 to fall by the wayside. But I had so many people hitting me up asking when it was coming, it felt necessary to drop it before the year was out.


Q: What do you hope the fans get out of it?

I've never made it known, but Volume 1 was all about things I had done - that book is like 99% factual. Volume 2 was more of a play on fantasies I had or things I just hadn't had a chance to do at the time. With Volume 3, it's mostly about the taboos. All the things we either want to do or already do, but don't discuss openly. That's how a poem like "Your Best Friend" comes about where a guy is basically having a conversation with his girl about how much he wants to have sex with her closest friend. Or "Valerie" where a man has to decide between staying faithful or sleeping with his boss to keep his job. And throughout Volume 3, you'll see lots of things that are kind of surprising that you may not expect to see or hear someone say. But I think that's the fun of the series. So if you liked 1 and 2, you'll really love Volume 3.


Q: You mentioned your significant other and how her friends deal with a project like The Dirty Dozen. How do your own friends and family deal with it?

For the most part, they've all handled it pretty well [chuckles]. At first I wouldn't even mention it because I have a pretty Christian family and to have a book all about graphic acts of sex can obviously cause a conflict. But a lot of them have read it and enjoyed it, so that's all that matters to me. I mean, we're all adults at the end of the day. But it's not like we discuss it at the dinner table or anything. As far as my friends go, they're all cool with it. They know the type of deviant I can be.


Q: Tell us about the anthology project dropping in February.

The Dirty Dozen books have always been pretty slim on content since they're just 12 poems and only about 30-40 pages. For years, people have always told me they wanted a complete collection and it seemed easiest to just combine them all in one book and that's what the anthology is all about. Just to add a little sauce, I also included three short stories and some additional pictures from the shoot by my good friend Phylicia Taylor (of Phynomenal Photography). If you check my IG (@garveyhemisphere) you'll see how much work went into it. I also have to thank the three ladies involved in all the promo. They all did an amazing job. I'd be remiss if I didn't include them as well. In addition to that, we've got something cooking up for everyone who preorders the anthology. It'll be right around Valentine's Day and it's sure to provoke all five senses. Trust, you're going to want to pre-order if you can.


Q: Is this the end of the series?

I'm about 99% sure that it's complete. It's not the end of me writing erotica and certainly not the end of me writing poetry, but I think in this particular format, it's probably at its end. I've had a lot of fun creating this series and the fact that it turned into three volumes, and now an anthology, far exceeds the expectations I had for it back in 2013. If this ends up being the end of the series, I am more than happy with that.


Q: What's next for Garvey Hemisphere?

The anthology drops on February 3. After that, I'll be working on Smudge, my first spoken word album. We're going to start recording that at the top of the new year and it'll likely be out by the spring. Besides that, I'm working on my second novel, A Very Strange Fascination With Violence. It's something completely different from anything else I've ever done, but I really think people will love it. I'm also working on a podcast and a few web series. I'll have more information on that in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout.

The Dirty Dozen: Volume Three is available now on Amazon Kindle.