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[PLAYLIST] Songs For People Who Smoke in the Shower 3



Songs For People Who Smoke in the Shower 3 is a playlist I created because I like to play music when I smoke in the shower. I cut the lights low, turn the music up and let all the stress of the day melt away. Most of these songs have been played ad nauseam over the past year or so, and although theres no single cohesive theme among them, once you spark your lighter and let the music take you away, I think you’ll immediately get the vibe.

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Little Brother  — “Slow It Down”

Phonte spit one of my favorite lines of all time on this jawn: “I want a girl when I want a girl. And when I don’t want a girl, I want a girl who understands that. And that’s some hard shit to explain to a woman that’s in love with you...” My wife actually hates that lyric, but to me it really encapsulates what I ran into quite a bit when I was single. Sometimes, you like a girl but not enough to make a commitment — not because there’s anything wrong with her, but because a relationship isn’t what you’re looking for. It’s a line that I’ve always thought was underrated (mostly because Phonte is underrated in general), but it’s just a small part of what makes this song so great.

Ray J — “Wait A Minute” (feat. Lil’ Kim)

I know some folks kinda think of Ray J as a joke at this point in his career (or maybe they’ve always thought that), but I think it’s silly to underestimate someone worth $6 million. If you asked a hundred people about his most popular hit, most of them would probably pick ‘One Wish.’ But this is his best song IMO. Shoutout to OG Lil’ Kim rapping on the feature and The Neptunes on production.

Lauryn Hill — “Ex-Factor”

Is there any song about a past relationship that’s more relevant than this one? I mean, does the significance even need to be explained? It’s just one of those songs that’s hauntingly beautiful and I’m afraid the pain in Lauryn’s voice will forever be etched in my mind.

TWENTY88 — “Deja Vu”

One day last summer, I played this song about 100 times in a row. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Jhene Aiko and Big Sean need to make songs together forever, because there’s something about their music that just makes sense. This is another one of those relationship songs that I believe we can all relate to.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes — “I Miss You”

I’m a huge, huge, HUGE fan of this song. I mean, how many of us had to beg for their lady back after we inevitably fucked up? Even still, while I can admit relating to the outro on more than one occasion, I still think it’s wild the song goes on for about seven minutes before he asks about his son’s whereabouts — I’d assume that would be brought up a little quicker. A sign of the times, I guess. Even still, this is another classic breakup song.

Listen to the playlist below or simply click the link.




We asked D.A. to curate a Spotify playlist featuring the songs she plays while writing, reading or just songs she’s been playing a lot recently and she selected 40 songs featuring PJ Morton, Whitney Houston, Khalid and Lizzo.


Masego - “I Do Everything!”

This is the epitome of “I’m feeling myself” in the smoothest jazz/trap way. Masego is undeniably one of the best musicians of this generation. This song resonates with me so much because it reminds me that it’s okay to brag about yourself sometimes. I am a woman who writes, teaches, draws, does graphics, sings, etc. There are times I dull my light, so others won’t feel uncomfortable. But this song is a slap in the face to all that. Masego is letting the world know ‘yes, I do all these things and I am daggone good at it too!’

The Recording Collective -  “Reckless Love”

I’ve always been into well-written songs. This song supplies the perfect imagery and symbolism of how I feel God’s love is for me. No matter how I am feeling, it’ll make me feel like I’m being embraced by a hundred hugs. My relationship with God has always been a focal point for me, so this song is an anthem and thanks and adoration for His love for me that is overwhelming and never-ending.

Jordin Sparks & Elijah Blake - “Real Love”

First and foremost, this pairing is a dream in and of itself! One word I would use to describe myself is a lover. I love LOVE! This is a feel-good song that has been on repeat honestly. Being madly in love with someone who feels the same about you is something that many have tried to explain, but words don’t even come close (but this is a pretty good job).

Jazmine Sullivan - “Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)”

Jazmine Sullivan’s voice is the melody of my soul. The lyrics speak to a vulnerable place in me.  There are times I don’t feel good enough or that I’m not pretty or whatever, this song reminds me that, contrary to what I may feel, that’s all a lie. I am a work of art. Sometimes you must remind yourself of who you really are! I am a masterpiece; Mona Lisa has nothing on me!

Listen to the playlist below or simply click the link.