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PLAYLIST: Songs For People Who Smoke in the Shower



Songs For People Who Smoke in the Shower is a playlist I created because I like to play music when I smoke in the shower. I cut the lights low, turn the music up and let all the stress of the day melt away. All these songs have been played ad nauseam over the past year or so, and although theres no single cohesive theme among them, once you spark your lighter and let the music take you away, I think you’ll immediately get the vibe.

Songs For People Who Smoke Cover.png

Nipsey Hussle — “Blue Laces 2”

Even before he passed, I knew this would be the first song on the playlist because I’ve played it like a thousand times. This has always been my second favorite Nipsey joint (“4 in the Morning” still reigns supreme) and from the very beginning of the song, it just gets me in the right headspace. RIP Nip. 

Ari Lennox — “GOAT”

When I heard she was dropping her debut album, I had to double take, because I could’ve sworn she already had one - her 2016 EP ‘PHO’ still gets major play and “GOAT” is def my go to joint. “Shea Butter Baby” with J. Cole also goes hard and I hope it ends up being her breakthrough hit, because her music has been dope for a minute.

Freddie Gibbs — “Triple Threat”

Surprisingly, my daughter lights up whenever she hears this song, so every time I hear it, I automatically think of her. More than that though, I played this album more than anything last year, so I had to include it here.

Little Brother — “The Pressure”

I may be the last holdout for one more LB album, but the production on this (and pretty much every Little Brother track) is so incredible and always reminds me of being back in North Carolina. Not to mention, Phonte goes the fuck off on this joint.

OutKast — “SpottieOttieDopaliscious”

If I ever get serious about completing this spoken word album, I have to feature this instrumental at some point. I’ve always wanted to spit something dope over this. If you can’t smoke one and vibe out to this joint, I don’t know what else to tell you.

Listen to the playlist below or simply click the link.

VN Announces Fall Schedule



Vital Narrative Press announced release dates for books by three brand-new authors, while another looks to deliver new editions of previously-released work.

Leading the way is Garvey Hemisphere, who will finally complete the transition from his previous GHDOS moniker by revealing three new editions during the month of October. Misconceptions About Sunrises, his first book of poetry, and A Collection of Echoes, his first novel, will both re-release editions on October 14th after a self-imposed shelving back in the spring. His second book of poetry, The Year That Answered, will receive its newest iteration just two weeks later on October 28th. Sandwiched between those releases will be two new books by first-time authors. On October 21st, writer A.A. Redd will release A Body Held Still By Fear & Loathing, an incredible collection of over thirty poems along with YA author D.A. Alston who will release her first novel about four teenage girls who become superheroes called The Unlikely Tale of the Royal Elite Squad. And on November 18th, Chicago native Alverne Ball will release crime drama Only The Holy Remain.

I’ve always wanted to make sure that each author on the roster could bring something different to the table and these releases will be proof of that.
— GREGORY HEDGEPETH, Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-Chief Gregory Hedgepeth spoke highly of each release that will be hitting online shelves soon. "No one is a bigger fan of these authors than me. I read their words on a very consistent basis. And in order for me to do that, I have to be a fan of the work they present. I've always wanted to make sure that each author on the VN roster could bring something different to the table and these books will be proof of that."

Check out the full schedule below:

October 14

  • Garvey Hemisphere - Misconceptions About Sunrises

  • Garvey Hemisphere - A Collection of Echoes

October 21

  • A.A. Redd - A Body Held Still By Fear & Loathing

  • D.A. Alston - The Unlikely Tale of the Royal Elite Squad

October 28

  • Garvey Hemisphere - The Year That Answered

November 18

  • Alverne Ball - Only The Holy Remain

About Vital Narrative Press: Since 2014, we have led an effort to change the literary landscape for creators of color. In this new era of publishing, we plan to lead the way for our authors to release authentic projects and build a substantial platform that will lead a new generation of Black and Brown writers. We plan to innovate the way our characters, storylines and settings are presented by elevating our narratives and helping the African-American genre evolve. While our catalog is created and curated by people of color, our stories are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.