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The Official Soundtrack for "Brownish Green Female Sheep"


We asked Adrien Julious to curate a Spotify playlist for her first book, Brownish Green Female Sheep, and she selected 24 incredible songs featuring Rihanna, Whitney Houston and Mary Lambert.

Hall & Oates - "Sara Smile"

This is a song I grew up listening to because my mom’s name is Sarah. The song, like my mother’s smile, is something I reach for when I need a quick self soother.

Rihanna - "Love Without Tragedy"

It’s the perfect blend of screwed up relationship. Love shouldn’t be tragic, but tragedy can be sexy.

Mary Lambert - "Body Love (Parts 1 & 2)"

‘Love your body like your mother loved your baby feet’ is such a strong body positive statement. For years, I had that quote on a Post-it note on my mirror. It helped me love myself.

You can listen to the entire soundtrack below or on Spotify.