Author Appreciation Sale



I have quit just about everything I've ever started. I've quit jobs. I've quit relationships. I quit JV football because I thought I was good enough to make varsity. Then I made varsity and quit that too.

In my 32 years here on earth, I've quit a million things. I can't make excuses for it... but I can say this: I refuse to quit on the authors here at Vital Narrative Press. We are two and a half years in and while I've thought about quitting the company more than a few times, my mind always goes back to them, and frankly, I'd be incredibly foolish to quit.

Call me biased, but the roster here is unparalleled. If it were possible to partake in some kind of literary deathmatch, I'd pit my entire roster against any other publisher's out there and I'm more than certain we would come out on top. We have the talent, the drive and the commitment to make our stories come to life, and in the past year or so, we've released a handful of projects and I've been incredibly proud of each one of them.

And it's important to me that these stories get the recognition they deserve. At the end of the day, Vital Narrative Press is simply the platform for our writers to shine. It's not about us - it's all about them.

Beginning Monday April 4, we will have our first-ever Annual Author Appreciation Sale, meant to support our writers. Each project we've released thus far has been incredible and we just want to share those projects with you in a scenario that benefits you just as much as it benefits our authors. Not only do we believe in supporting our authors, but we plan to put our money where our mouth is: we're offering 100% royalties for all Kindle sales in the month of April for every available author on the roster.

You can purchase a $1 e-Book or $10 paperback that will let them know just how much you appreciate their talent and hard work. It's our intent to continue to share our authors' work and help them build a platform. Believe it or not, it's not just a fancy sales pitch - we write books "because our stories matter."