A COLLECTION OF ECHOES by Garvey Hemisphere

A COLLECTION OF ECHOES by Garvey Hemisphere


342 pp. A Collection of Echoes is the story of three strangers from Memphis as they begin group therapy for their various issues. Malone is still grieving the murder of his mentor while London is putting her life back together after a recent breakup. And Gavin is just trying to get by while dealing with the pressures of his career and his girlfriend who is adamant about getting engaged.

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  • March 30, 2015

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  • Garvey Hemisphere is a poet and author from Raleigh, NC, currently living in Memphis, TN. He attended school at East Carolina University and has published two full-length collections of poetry, a novel and two chapbooks of erotic poetry. He has also had articles, essays and poems published in The Daily Reflector and Rebel Magazine and has served as guest editor of The Linden Avenue Journal twice.